The Q-dees story began by passionate educationalists whosought to revolutionise early childhood education by developingholistic, fun-filled programs that are highly effective in stimulatinga healthy sense of curiosity, a passion for learning and instilling moral values.
In Q-dees, we believe that children have limitless learning potential and Q-dees vision is to unlock that potential and mould our students into confident, creative and caring individuals through technology and Q-dees award-winning Link & Think methodology. Link & Think, the cornerstone of Q-dees educational programs, effectively imparts complex concepts in a simple manner by building a foundation of interconnected and interrelated knowledge which then forms the basis for a more advanced learning.
As Q-dees students grow their repertoire of knowledge, their self-confidence and love for learning also develops. The thematically integrated nature of the programs make learning inspiring, fun and creative for each new generation of young learners. Q-dees dedicated R&D team is constantly looking into the latest and most innovative approaches to evolve and update our programs; pushing to develop cutting-edge teaching concepts and material to continually empower young minds.
For over 20 years, Q-dees has never wavered from this ethos. We have successfully prepared over 200,000 students for private, public, International and Chinese schools. With over 170 centres nationwide and East Asia, Q-dees has grown to become one of the most recognised and award winning names in educational programs.
V i s i o n
To grow into a Global Corporation providing world-class quality educational programs and content for the development and realisation of the global knowledge economy, and thus equipping and empowering the minds of future global generations.
M i s s i o n
To be recognised as a leading provider of educational programs and content into 10 regions of 10 nations, impacting lives globally.

Milestones & Achievements

Q-dees dedication to educational excellence and unwavering product innovation has garnered recognition by several award associations in the Small-Medium Enterprise as well as the Education industries. Q-dees has been the proud recipient of numerous accolades, including the SME Recognition Award and the Brandlaureate Best Education Program Brand Award, of which Q-dees has been a proud recipient for 8 consecutive years.

Dedicated Research & Development

As part of Q-dees continuous pursuit to staying ahead and effective in early childhood education, Q-dees has established a dedicated R&D centre in Cyberjaya, Malaysia. This team of professionals is charged with the responsibility of maintaining the relevance and high standard of our programs by researching new techniques, developing new class material as well as adopting and integrating with the latest in ICT technology – all with the most stringent international benchmarks. Thousands of man-hours and millions of dollars have been invested into Q-dees cutting-edge programs before any are considered ‘class-ready’.